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The Arena Fitness Center is a hidden gem in Mid-Michigan that comes with over 30+ weighted machines, 15+ cardio machines, 2 flat screen TVs, 6+ free weight benches, and a huge variety of dumbbells. If this was not enough, throw on a 28 foot rock wall with 6 active runs that can challenge almost everyone, from the really young to those who are over the hill. If you fit in the harness, and are physically able, this wall has something to offer you!


"We Are Motivated by Your Results! Come See What Goals We Can Help You Accomplish."

The Fitness Center is a 24/7 Facility!

Ask Us How You Can Get Your Access Card Today!



What good is a uniquely equipped fitness center with out knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly staff? The Arena Fitness team is comprised of individuals who find a passion in personal fitness and personally engage in health and wellness. One of the most important pieces to finding success in the gym is having a partner there to help you along the way. Let our staff be your partner and help you along your personal journey to physical fitness. Come see what we can do for you!
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